About KAF Towing

KAF Towing is proud to offer towing and impound services for local law enforcement agencies. In addition, we also offer private impound services for local property owners in neighboring communities. We have over two acres of secure storage facilities. All of our vehicle storage areas are secure with full-time camera monitoring and recording.

Modern towing equipment is essential to clearing traffic collisions safely and efficiently. We utilize two flatbed tow trucks. Also, we have the latest self-loading wheel-lift tow trucks which ensure that vehicles are towed quickly and without damage. Our personnel are certified by the California Tow Truck Association to ensure that they are well versed in all types of towing and recovery techniques.

Finally, our tow personnel are well versed in controlling traffic collision scenes. This training helps in avoiding secondary accidents and also helps keep first responders safe. Traffic collisions are cleared quickly from the roadway; therefore, normal traffic flow is quickly restored.